It hasn’t been our day, our week, our month, or even our year…

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Can I talk about these guys for a little bit? These are my absolute best friends on this little blue planet. We’ve all been friends for some years now, and a few of us have even been friends for a little over ten years, now. We have this yearly tradition where we got to the beach in Port Aransas for a few days, and the first night when we’re all there, we always build a small bonfire. We roast hotdogs and s’mores and sit back and enjoy ourselves. When the sun starts to set, the wind usually picks up so we’ll all move a little closer to the fire. Sometimes, we talk about Jesus, and other times we’ll talk about our plans for the future and even joke about what out trips to the coast will look like when we all have kids of our own.

I enjoy these times because it’s just us. There are rarely any distractions from other people and all of our phones are put up in the truck. No distractions. Just face-to-face interaction with the friends we love. Anyway, I had the privilege of taking photos of my friends recently and I could not be happier of the way they turned out!

As a lifestyle-type photographer, I am a HUGE fan of natural lighting and natural light leaks. Light leaks are the spots, flares, and colored circles that you’ll see in some of the photos, and it’s where light from the sun enters into the lens and is captured in the photograph. About 90% of these photos were taken using the Aperture Priority setting on my Canon Rebel, with the other 10% taken on full manual.




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