The One About iPhoneography

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a weird summer, to say the least. It’s my first summer since graduating from Trinity, and the job search is what’s consumed most of my time. Since establishing this website for my Capstone project during my final semester at Trinity, I’ve wondered about what kind of website I want it to be. Do I want it to be exclusively my photography work? Do I turn it into a blog? But I realized that it’s MY site so I can do whatever I want! From now on, expect some blogs, some photoshoots as I continue to do more, and other random ramblings.

For this first one I thought I’d talk a little bit about the absolute BEST camera, ever, and that’s the one that’s right in your pocket. It’s the best camera because you always have it with you! Nowadays, the latest smartphones have GREAT cameras and there are plenty of apps in the various mobile markets that are great for further editing your photos. Below are some recent photos that have either been taken and/or editing using mobile photography.

Some of the ones that I use the most are, PicTapGo, VSCOcam, Over (for text editing), Mextures, and LensDistortions. Depending on the photos, I’ll use any one or any combination of some or all of these apps to edit the photo. Over, for example, is a great app to add text and other simple artwork to your photos on Instagram. The “Get Roasted” photo here was edited first with VSCOcam, then imported to Over where the pre-loaded “Get Roasted” art was added the to photo. I really do recommend any and all of these photo apps depending on what you want/need to do to your photos to make them Instagram worthy!

If you have any questions about mobile photography (or iPhoneography as some have come to call it), feel free to ask me!

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